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Nelly - Just a Dream

First ever batch is done! :) Missing the lyric you want? Want a line on its own? Message me!

I hope you’ll like it! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to do this! Please do reblog and like if it is to your tastes!

Be back later for more, it’s my bed time now! I’m so happy I got to do this tonight. At the time of writing this post, I currently have no views! I hope this blog will be found soon! Good night! ♥

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Submission notes

Lyrical submission:
You can submit your favourite quotes from songs, or even the song name itself! (Links to the song, such as  if you have a specific preferred version are welcome.)

Languages: unfortunately, I am currently only processing English and Chinese songs. Unless you are fluent in your language, I ask that you submit a link to the song, along with the lyrics in your language, and then the lyrics in English. 

Don’t see your favourite lyrics of a song that’s been done? Submit it! :)

Please do note that it may take a while for it to be attended to - though, I will try my every effort to do so! If your submission(s) are accepted, then I will try and send you a message back.

Thank you very much!

Musical discussion: 
Please tell me about your ‘likes’ in music! Such as genre, or your favourite artist! Why do you like them? How does music make you feel? Do you and your partner perhaps have a ‘couple song’? I hope you will share your lovely experiences with music with me, and the other readers of this blog, thank you! ♥

You can also tell me this through my ask box!

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Lyrical Luxury

Hello there! First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit this Tumblr - I hope you’ll enjoy your stay! ♫ 

Everyday, there are so many posts on Tumblr. I have frequently seen the posting of lyrics, but only in titles of text posts- lyrics are beautiful, it deserves a category-dedicated blog for you lovely bloggers to share. I hope to achieve this, and I hope that you’ll help me out too!

What inspired me to make this Tumblr are the many topics which gets their own dedicated blog: love quotes, gentleman/lady rules, ‘the boy who’, etc. 
So I spent a night thinking: ‘why not lyrics too?’ 

How often do you listen to music? Do you find yourself enjoying it so much that you are frequently singing the song in your head? Maybe it’s just the chorus- or your favourite part of the song. 

I often find that from many varieties of songs, I find myself. I see my life in those lyrics. The feeling is absolutely beautiful: how can music like you, speak of my life so well? I love you! Haha. 

- - - - - - 

F A Q 

How many posts are made for one song?
As many as it takes to quote your loved lyrics! This could be just one, or range from five to ten (or even more).

- - - - - -

Thank you very much! ♥